Xokers | Shop Online With Crypto


How do I shop online with crypto?

Shopping online with crypto has never been easier. Simply choose a product of your choice on our shop page or use the Make a Request form to request a special product that you want to buy with crypto online.

What can I buy online with cryptocurrency?

You can buy anything online with cryptocurrency ranging from luxury items, smart watches, electronics, clothings, gifts, toys and more. Simply choose from our available stocks or Make a Request for an item.

Can I shop online with any kind of cryptocurrency?

Xokers is a crypto online store that lets you spend your bitcoin, ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies for trending products. Visit our store to start shopping with crypto now.

How do I shop iPhone online with bitcoin?

We have several Apple products and accessories available in our store, however, we haven’t received enough demand to list iPhone in particular. If you would like to buy iPhone with crypto, please Make a Request now.

What are the best gifts for crypto lovers?

We all love to be gifted, especially from that special someone. The best gifts for crypto lovers in this season are crypto or NFT customisable items like Custom Hoodies, Custom Apple Watch Accessories, Custom Led Lights, Custom Sport Items, VR Headsets, Electric Monocycles, Custom Wireless Speakers etc.

Do you have Black Friday crypto deals?

We have a dedicated page for the best of Black Friday deals that you can shop with crypto online. Check them out here.

Do you accept Amazon gift cards or others?

Xokers online store only accepts crypto payments at this time. We do not accept gift cards of any type.

How do I know that my order has been successfully submitted?

You will receive an email containing the Order Details.You will also receive a Shipping Confirmation email shortly afterwards.

Do you have an order limit?

Yes. We have an order limit of $10,000 per order. If you wish to place bulk order with crypto, please Contact us to discuss the quantity and rates,

What if I need to return something?

No worries! If your item is not personalised, then Contact Us immediately and we’ll guide you through the process. You may also read our Return Policy for more details. Depending on the issue, the buyer may bear the return fees.

What are your shipping methods and rates?

For all concerns or questions regarding our shipping rates, timing and process, please read our Shipping Policy.

For further questions on shipping, kindly write us at inquiry@xokers.com