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Interactive Automatic Dog Tumbler and Slow Feed Food Dispenser for Increased Pet IQ

Interactive Treat Toy Food Dispenser, Robot Wheel Slow Feeder Toys for Smart Dogs to Keep Them Busy and Enrich Their Mind.



Automatic Durable Puzzle Toy Slow Feeder for Improved IQ

This is a “”play + eating + learning”” toy. A tumbler dog toy that can be moved back and forth, making it more fun than traditional feeding toys. When the body of the toy is touched and tilted by your pet, the food will fall out of the hole. Dogs and cats will think and learn and get food rewards during playing.

  • Why Your Dog Need It?: This dog puzzle toy can improve your dog’s intelligence, slow down eating speed, keep healthy diet and reasonably control the dog’s weight. Also act as a good companion, helps relieve stress, depressions and separation anxieties. This toy is easy to use, more fun and help improve pet IQ, away from the daily anxiety let your pet more enjoy leisure time with you!
  • Multifunctional Dog Toy: Tumbler design with rollers. This interactive dog toy will move back and forth under external force, and when the body of the toy is tilted, the dog treats will fall out of the hole. Dogs will think, learn and eat during play and will very very happy with the snack rewards(No battery required).
  • More Durable: Made of eco-friendly ABS plastic, extremely durable, hard to break, non-toxic, safe to play and suitable for all size of dogs and cats. After thousands of tests, we can guarantee that this treat dispensing toy will not have potential risk such as small parts falling off when playing(To prolong the life of the toy, please avoid dropping it from a high place or hitting it hard).
  • For Most Pets & Occasions: Size: 5.4X4.4X3.2in. Moderate size and lightweight, low difficulty, suitable for small/ medium /large dogs and cats that don’t chew excessively. Easy to carry, suitable for use on indoor/outdoor flat floors.
  • Nice Look: This pet toy has an intelligent robot look, never lie down.




Black, Green, Blue, YELLOW

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Interactive Automatic Dog Tumbler and Slow Feed Food Dispenser for Increased Pet IQ